Our strong member base includes over 360 businesses, non-profits, public entities and individuals who collectively grow our local economy, foster entrepreneurialism and improve our community.

The Mount Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce (MPACC) is a voluntary association of businesses, organizations, and individuals who share the need for an action agency to coordinate their synergistic efforts.  A 15-member Board of Directors made up of a diverse group of business leaders working to implement MPACC’s vision and program of work.

Founded in 1939, MPACC works to stimulate economic development, business prosperity, and an improved quality of life in the Mount Pleasant area by enabling its members to apply their time, talents, and financial support to an effective program of action, and to provide facilities and staff in support of its programs.

This city is flush with hardworking and loyal employees, dedicated community leaders, numerous volunteers and interested citizens, all aspiring to make Mount Pleasant unique. We have worked to preserve our heritage, from  President Abraham Lincoln connection with Mount Pleasant Senator James Harlan; to the preservation of the boyhood home of world-renowned scientist Dr. James Van Allen. Splendid old homes and buildings are found throughout the older parts of town. The Midwest Old Threshers Theatre and Museum, the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, and The Midwest Central Railroad bring the past to life, encouraging the celebration of our rural and small-town heritage during special occasions and every Labor Day Weekend.

Building on past endeavors, the city has many recent accomplishments. The city has played an integral part in providing a can-do environment for development and employment opportunities. A contemporary high-school and additions to the elementary schools, a modern hospital, expanded recreational opportunities, and efforts to maintain reasonable taxes and fees, have contributed favorably to quality of life for all citizens to enjoy.

Whether you are visiting, or looking for employment opportunities, a place to live or to establish a new business or industry, we welcome you to the City of Mount Pleasant at the Crossroads of the Midwest.


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